Refinishing - TUBS, Walls, Floors and Countertops
Certainly not all tubs are like the photograph! But if your tub is DULL, HARD TO CLEAN or simply does not look new, call NewTub today at 612-529-7000 for a quote.

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The process includes,
1) acid etching to clean and prepare the surface
2) both machine &hand sanding to finish the surface
3) reglazing in a 5 step process - 2 base coats & 3 top coats which result in a smooth, easy to clean,new tub finish.
4) the work takes about 1/2 day per tub and needs to cure for 48 hrs before you can use the tub.
5) our service includes removing & replacing the caulk between the tub & tile surround.

bathtub refinishing and tile refinishing
Before - down to the cast iron and the tile needs work too.
refinished, resurfaced and reglazed tub and tile
After - like new!!